Static pages not visible without login


Hello, we have an issue where website visitors have to log in to see static pages including the subscription page! We turned off the following:

Additional Site and Article Access Restrictions
[ ] Users must be registered and log in to view the journal site.
[ ] Users must be registered and log in to view open access content.

but readers cannot get to the pages and are given a login box.

What are we missing? Thank you!

Do you have some menu to which static pages are connected. Or, there should be some text with the link to the static pages so when someone clicks on that link they stem will display those static pages.
An example of menu with associated static pages is on menu Actual Events on this address:Actual Events | Politics and Religion Journal
You will see that below top news there s a list of various links which actually link to static pages.
I hope this helps.

Here is the link that is hidden unless a user logs into see it.

Is it possible that this link is wrong? This points to a static page that should be open on the web.

We created the following page to direct people appropriately but sure enough, the subscriber details are not visible unless a user is logged in.

Static pages should be used for display of static content. If you want interactive content with forms, user specific interaction then static page is not solution.
Try to be more specific what you want to accomplish.

It is simple. Site visitors who want to know the price of the journal should not have to register to get to the price (subsdcription) page.

Then you have to do as I mentioned above.

  1. Create menu and link it to the static page
  2. You put somewhere the beginning of information and link that information to the static page.
    Do you know how to do that?

Please go to the Administration part as Journal Manager and go to Plugins/Generic plugins and enable Static Pages plugin by clicking on Enable below the title of the plugin.
After that go to plugin in the list of Generic plugins and click on Edit/Add content as on image below:
The system will forward yo to the page in which you can choose to Add page as on image below:
After that you will be prompted to the page with editor etc. as on image below:
Please pay attention to the path and how it is created since you will have to enter that path when you will in the step later create menu that will connect to that page. in your case can be : subscription or so…
Save that work and go to management/Journal Setup and to No. 5. The Look. After that you can go to 5.5. Navigation bar and create Item with title Subscription… Please pay attention how you put the path that you defined while you were creating static page.
Check it and click on Add Item.
Please report if you have difficulties to do that.

Yes, thank you. We have already done this hence the page link above it. Bottom line is that it seems that the SUBSCIBER information is NOT available unless someone is LOGGED INTO the system.

You can put the pricelist of subscriptions if you have several types, on the public page. That is quite OK.
After that users will choose their plan and make payments. You can setup various fees including reader fees by using Payment plugin as on image below: