Static Page Mess

Well, activated static pages.
Added a Static Page using this plugin tab.
Then tried to add a menu item, using the navigation tag.
When adding a Static Page, got a page requesting again for a name and contents.
Gave the same name, but did not fill in the contents.

The Static Page tab still shows my original page, and its contents.
The Navigation tab, shows the page created through the menu edition, without content.
The URL shows an empty page (thus, the one created using the menu edition system).

So, the solution will be, I think (will test now) to move the contents from the custom page plugin page, to the page created when editing the menu. But this needs to be revised.


Update: copied content from the static page editor to the menu editor. Removed the static page using the static page plugin. It still works. This is something that REALLY needs to be made clear.

Hi @ambs,

@Dimitris_Efstathiou can confirm for sure – but I think that transition should’ve been performed automaticlly during the upgrade.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Note that this wasn’t a problem during the upgrade (well, I hope). It was something I tried to do as “new” for the new site.
I just think custom static pages and navigation to custom pages are not working together as they should.

Hi @ambs!

The idea is that eventually the Navigation Menu tools are going to replace the Static Pages plugin.

So, starting from version 3.1.1, the upgrade process tries to migrate any existing Static Page to a custom navigation menu item (NMI) with the same path (and content) as the static page.

After that, the NMIs can be added to any Navigation Menu. Even if a custom NMI is not added to a Navigation Menu, the path (and corresponding URL) remains accessible.

Maybe, upon the Static Pages plugin activation, a message is in order, to notify the user to use the Navigation Menus tools instead. (before a decision is been made on the a possible deprecation of the plugin)


Hi, @Dimitris_Efstathiou,
Yeah, that could help. At the moment that is not clear at all.
But now I know I should use NMI instead of custom pages. Thanks.

Hi @Dimitris_Efstathiou,
What also would help is to point this out in the documentation, where setting up static pages is still described as a valid option: Website Settings.

Hi @felixhelix,

If there’s changes you’d like for us to make to our documentation, can you make a submission on the form here, with relevant details? We will review your request and implement it, if possible.

Best regards,

PKP Team