Static page does not work in ojs

Describe the issue or problem
I would like to add some static pages on the main site of a multijournal ojs. I would be grateful if you help me to do that.

Steps I took leading up to the issue

  1. Go to ‘plugins’
  2. Click on ‘static page plugin’
  3. Scroll down to ‘add a page’
  4. See just UPGRADE and Delete

What application are you using?
OJS 3.3.0-13

Additional information

Hi @Mahmood_Khosrowjerdi,

Do you have the additional tab for Static pages showing in your website settings (as it does for me when I have Static pages enabled):

PKP Team

Dear Roger,
Thanks for you response. No, I do not see such options in there. Maybe I was not very clear about my problem. I have a single installation of OJS for several journals. The main page is accessible here,

If you click on the links of the journals, they look fine (based on my limited knowledge).

I would like to add pages to the main site (that I call it publisher site for journals). The static page plugin does not work there. I follow this steps to add the plugin and later the pages. Maybe i am doing mistakes in the process.
First I log into the main site. Then Click on the Administation, And then on the Site Settings. There is not any website settings there. I have activated the static page plugin, but it is not usable, and it is not shown at you have shown. Please see the screenshots below.


Then on the right up, I click on Administration,

Then click on site setting,

Then, under plugins, The static page plugin is activated,

But I am not able to use it.

I would be grateful if you help me to fix this issue.

Best regards, Mahmood

Hi @Mahmood_Khosrowjerdi,

Thank you for clarifying. As a next step, I would suggest checking your PHP error logs and reporting on any errors there that you might see. That you don’t see the static pages option suggests to me that there might be an error occurring here.

PKP Team

Hi @Mahmood_Khosrowjerdi and @rcgillis,

The static pages plugin is not currently available to site-wide parts of OJS; that’s filed for improvement at Permit site-wide static pages · Issue #18 · pkp/staticPages · GitHub but the work has not yet been scheduled. There is a suggestion there for a work-around that may be an option.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

You can use for this Navigation menu
Administrator > Site Settings > Site setup > Navigation > “Add item”
Navigation Menu Type = Custom Page

(Custom pages work like static pages.)

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