Statcounter cannot track my OJS website after upgrading

Hi, I use to count the number of visitor to my OJS website. But, once I upgraded to OJS 3.0 the statcounter cannot access my website’s url anymore (there is no change in the url). What am I supposed to do? Any help please…

Hi @rainray,

I’m not aware of any reason that counter can’t access OJS3 just like it used to do OJS2. Is there a more specific message? You might need to follow up with the counter’s support team for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I also experienced the same problem, the OJS 3 that I used was could not be verified with information There may be a problem with your installation
We have been unable to access the website at the following URL, whereas the statcounter script I have attached to the custom block
Please helpkhazanah