SSL certificate

Good morning everyone.
I have an issue about SSLcertificate.

My web site is (
My OJS version is
I have bought an SSL certificate from my host site (godaddy) and now I can access my site via ( )

But why when I visit the site via the shortcuts or via google it is still insecure?
How could I make my site without the warning sign for everyone.
Thank you in advance.


Hi @mustafamajidh,

It works for me. I tried even with typing in only http and it automatically switches to https:

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 17.49.16

Regards, Primož

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It seems like you resolved this by either:

  • Turning on force_ssl in
  • Setting https: as part of your base_url
  • Redirecting traffic in your webserver configuration

Can you confirm?

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Not sure why you are displaying a link (which btw has a wrong HTML code) to the SSL certificate in the footer. This should not go there.

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Thank you all
For the contribution!

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