Spurious extra text in submission form (abstract box heading)

Hello everyone, we’re currently using an externally-managed OJS installation (i.e. we have admin rights within OJS, but cannot edit PHP files or database content).

What application are you using?

Describe the issue or problem
Somehow, we’ve managed to change the metadata submission form so that it now asks for a “structured abstract”, see screenshot (we’ve considered using that concept at some point, but would like to revert to a plain old “Abstract” heading for now).

However, we have been absolutely unable to find the setting where this can be changed. The OJS installation had recently been upgraded, so perhaps something got screwed up during this process, but there is nothing under Website → Plugins nor Workflow → Submission → Metadata that is in any way related to the abstract header.

Any hints appreciated!

Thanks and best, Florian

Hi @floe ,

I am not sure, just guessing: I think that is part of your local localization. So the solution might be to check the Custom Locale Plugin.

Regards, Primož

Hah, thank you so much! I disabled the “Custom Locales” plugin and the plain old abstract heading is back. Awesome!

Interestingly enough, I checked the locales and couldn’t find anything under “Abstract”. I also downloaded customLocale_changes.txt, which was empty. So still not 100% sure where that change is actually hiding, but now I know where to look if I ever want to edit it again.

Best, Florian