Spell Check option

Is there a way to add a spell check function to the many areas where there is text input?

For example as i type this message misspelled words are underlined in red, with option to make a corrwtion. would be nice to have this feature in the OJS admin interface. I was creating an Announcement and i had to copy/paste into my text editor to find the typos.

hope for the future

Maybe this can help you:

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not quite what i had in mind. requires each editor to configure their browsers.

What I put above is the simplest way. If you want more complicated way that should be always updated after each upgrade then you can check this:

As far as browser spellcheck is concerned some people say that it does not work within TinyMCe. in that case you have to enter in TinyMCe initiialization part
of /lib/pkp/js/controllers/SiteHandler.js
line with
browser_spellcheck : true,
in that case TinyMCe will accept within its area browser spellcheck.

I found out nanospell TinyMce plugin that works fine
You can find instructions here
if you have trouble installing it please let me know.
I will help you to enter what is needed in

This is how it looks like in my TinyMce editor in OJS

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Thanks. That is certainly one possibility!

I am on a hosted service so i dont have control to install. This sounds like it could be a plugin that users can install, update. etc.

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Yes, you download zip file and unpack it in
folder. I will send you code that you have to put
and that is it.
So, access to folders and upload of very small .zip file will solve the issue.
Which version of OJS you use on your server?
Let me know if you need further assistance.