Special Editions

I am newbie to this system so keen to get some help. Each year we have a special edition of our Journal. I am not sure how to distinguish submissions that are specifically for the special edition rather than standard edition. Can someone help me out here?

As far as I can see there are two options:

  1. Create journal that is called My-Journal-Special Issue. When it is completed you can make it invisible for the public. When you plan to publish new special issue or supplement you can create another Journal called Myjournal-Supplement or so.
  2. If you have high number of articles and frequent publishing of special issues/supplements you can have separate installation of OJS with options combined as in point 1.
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I hope this helps.

Hi @devlinc

Hmmm… What does special edition exactly mean? Would maybe an extra issue or section work for that?


I administer journal that publish approx. 400-450 articles per year. The period of processing one article is 3-6 months which means that there are more than 600 articles in the process of review. Some journals do issue special issue which is often related to specific topic. Well, if you have approx.600 articles in the submission queue it becomes hard to find which article belongs to which issue i.e. general, special issue topic 1, special issue topic2, supplement 1, supplement 2.
This scenario can be solved by enabling this:

  1. Author can choose section and issue i.e. special issue or so and editors and others when login in choose where to login and if needed they login in let say special issue 1, part and see submissions related only to that issue. The review process/workflow goes according to that issue seaprately in interface.
  2. Editor decides which issue article belongs and system generates links and everything moves to that special issue in a separate part
  3. Editors create a separate journal which is special issue and ask author to submit articles to that special issue so those submission can be separated and easier to manage.

These are from my point of view possible options. However, smarter options are welcome!


Hi @devlinc,
As far as I understand, your journal have some special issues that deal specific topics regularly.
So, the authors are aware of these special issues but need a guide. What about creating some special sections for these special issues and inform the authors. For example; beside research article section, you can create another section called “Research Articles for 2018 Special Edition” etc. The authors may select these special sections during submission, or you can do it even the author selects the wrong section. Prior to publishing, you may rename these sections because section names will be visible on the manuscript page.

Thank you to everyone - that was really helpful!