Spam in article comments (OJS 2.4.8)


I have a very annoying problem with article comments, I received hundreds spam messages in journal article comments.
I’ve tried to enable recaptcha or to disable comments in reading tools options without success, I receive spam messages anyway.
Since I have many journals in my ojs installation, there are some bug that allow to post comment for an article from a different journal that has comments enabled?
There are some known bug related to this issue?

I think this is a critical security bug, and I’d know if there are solutions


Can you provide a specific example via URLs or screenshots? I’m not aware of a way to use open comments from one journal to post comments to another journal. If you have seen a particular instance of this, it would be a very interesting exercise.

Hi @atarix,

Also, if you’ve enabled Captcha testing but don’t see the Captcha test appearing on the forms, make sure your server has the PHP libgd module installed.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I had to delete all comments and I haven’t an example now.

Now I’ve activated reCaptcha v2 to see if I resolve the issue

Thanks for suggestions