Sorting issues by year OJS

Hello, Is it possible to sort issues in Archive by year so on the page there is list of years and enetering each year we can see issues in that year?


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Hi @vvucic,

Current sorting is, in order of precedence…

  • Custom issue sequence (when specified) – you should be able to order issues from the back-issues listing in the workflow
  • “Current” flag – the current issue will be listed first
  • Publication date (in the database, this is issues.date_published)

It’s most likely that your installation is falling back on the publication date, and that this data is incorrect. I’d suggest correcting the data, as it may be used elsewhere.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I know that in the list of issues we can order issues as we like. But, my question is that firstly we could have the list of years let say in two columns and when we click on year we are forwarded to page with issues from that year. Or, when we click on year we see opened list of issues from that year.
Thus, I speak on step in between display of issues. So when we click on Archive we firstly see list of years instead of list of all issues which we may order as we like.
The list of years might be practical for journals that are published for many years. For example, I entered one journal that started to be published in 1972. which means that more than 180 issues have been published so far.

I hope I am more clear now.


I’d support @vvucic. That is what I’ve proposed recently in ‘Feature Requests’:

Some of our journal editors even refuse to give us their archives to move them to OJS because those would not be grouped by year. They say ‘that would be a disaster’ :slight_smile:

Yes, Image that is post you shared with me is OK if journal does have 4 issues or 5 that can fit in a row.
If you have any solution please let me know.


Hey there, we encounter the same problem: Although the issue publishing date is correct, the order of issues displayed is not. And I can´t find the option for “custom issue order” - where is it hidden?

Would be grateful for a hint -


For illustration purpose:

Please note that the “Published” date is correct, but the sorting is not …

It should appear in the upper right corner of your screenshot, if it extended more to the right. What version of OJS are you using?

Hello and thank your for the answer. No, it does not appear in the upper right corner even if I extend the window over both screens, thus covering 4000+ px width …

We use OJS3 →


You appear to be using OJS 3.0.0. I’d strongly recommend updating to OJS 3.0.2. The version change might not look substantial, but a lot of work has gone in since the initial release for bugfixes and enhancements.

Hello Clinton,

in fact we use 3.0.1 as the sysadmin just told me. We will deal with that and keep you informed whether or not that solves the problem!

Thanks and greetings

You may want to have your sysadmin double-check the upgrade. I would expect that version to be reflected here if you were at 3.0.1:

Hi @Jesaiah,

Here is how the button should look like:

Hello, Custom issue order is in your database. You will not see it in interface.

Thanks fo rall replies. Updating to 3.0.2 resolved the issue!

Hi @Ph_We and @vvucic
I’m getting this problem too but I’m using OJS
It’s the same problem shown in the picture…
The back issues are sorted correctly in the management panel but in the frontend, they are not in the same order
How change issue order on the database?

Someone can help me?

I do not see picture. Please send picture form your system. Please clear data and template cache.

Hi @Gessy_Junior,
It is quite easy now in OJS

  1. (In the backend) Issues → Back Issues. Click “Order”
  2. Just press “Done” (nothing else should be changed!)

This should solve the problem for the frontend. However, it is still the issue, worth paying attention to.

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That is how it works in my case too.