Some words are not compatible with OJS 3.2.X

I noticed that some words are not compatible with OJS 3.2.X

I noticed something, with OJS 3.2.X, the words “select”, “selected”, “selecting” “random” at times causes OJS to experience some difficulties.

If you are experiencing any of these issues below;

  1. When trying to submit a paper, the submission does not go through, the processing circle icon just keep revolving
  2. An unexpected error occurred. You may have been logged out. Please reload the page and try again.
  3. Clicking on a button hangs and keep processing into infinity

Then, double check for the following words in what ever you are trying to submit into OJS: “select”, “selected”, “selecting” “random”. These are the words in have noticed, there might be more.

If you have any of these words, paraphrase the sentence and change those words, and resubmit.

This worked for me 100%.

Just give it a try.

Hi @williamharper,

I suspect your server has mod_security or another similar toolset enabled, and that there is a rule regarding the word SELECT that is causing it to prevent these requests from reaching OJS. There should be a security log on your server that would document these cases.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team