Some translation keys broken

Hi all

My ojs has a problem with translation keys, in some articles it does not show the name of a file uploaded, what it shows is “common.file.namingPattern” or “common.file.anonymousNamingPattern”. I understand that this key refers to the name of the file, when reviewing the translation supplement I find that the key is registered in Spanish and works correctly in the other articles. I checked the php logs, there is no error, and the javascript console does not show errors either. This magazine is set up with a subdomain apart from the others in the portal, I don’t think this has anything to do with the error, because the vast majority of translations work without any problem.

Please help me! Tnaks!!

What is the language of your OJS?

Hi @marc

The language is Spanish, but all keys are registered on xml translation files. When I select english language the problem is not visible. But if I select portuguese language or spanish the problem appears.

Official OJS release don’t include last es_ES translation.

You can download the last es_ES translation here:

To install, just unzip it on your ojs root and overwrite the existing files.

For OJS 3.2 (January) you won’t need to do this anymore. We will be able to use weblate that will let us have es_ES and ca_ES up to date.