Some text input panels lack option to directly input source code [OJS]

Some text input field options seem to have been removed since the OJS update to version 3.2. The possibility to input source code (HTML) is now missing. I noticed this especially in the Author-Guidelines and Copyright-Notice (Settings > Workflow > Submission > Author Guidelines).
Screenshot 2020-11-26 120108

In the template for our author guidelines (docx file) we use different heading levels, which are no longer distinguished after being inserted into the new text input panel.

Is it still possible to create the author guidelines directly in HTML code?

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Hello @adm_sub,

Could you please try enabling the Text Extras plugin detailed in this post and let me know if it restores the source code input?

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Thank you, @EmmaU!
Yes, enabling and configuring the Text Extra Plugin did work.

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