Some roles not editable after upgrade to OJS3

Hi there,

I have recently upgrade a reasonable number of OJS installations to v3.1.1-4. Everything seemed fine, and after a few weeks, one of the journal managers reported that in 2 instances a strange behavior is being noticed: when editing some roles (all of them under permission level Journal manager) the permissions on it are no longer editable. The checkboxes appears as disabled, as noticeable in the screenshot attached.


I have the backups of the database and files from the previous installations of both journals, despite I did not notice any issue on the upgrade itself, I can run it again with a debug or something you advise to track the issue. I am asking first because maybe you already know what to look for or even a quick solution for it.

Thanks in advance for your assistance


Journal Manager permission level always has access to all four stages (submission, review, copyediting and production).

So even if “Production editor” shows that it would not be allowed to access the Submission stage they still can.

That is why the controls were disabled. What is still lacking though is that all the checkboxes should be checked for all three roles during an upgrade to avoid confusion.

With the other roles disabling access to for example Review stage actually makes a difference.