Some OJS emails seem to end up in Gmail Promotions tab


I’ve noticed that some OJS emails end up in the promotions tab when sent to an gmail account. Has anyone else noticed this?

Personally I have noticed that the messages used for changing user password end up there sometimes. Have not been able to detect a clear pattern yet.

In these cases the email does go through, but gmail users do not seem to know that they should look for it also from the other tabs besides the primary tab that is opened by default.

The solutions given are usually from a user’s point of view. The user can move a single message from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab and that should make gmail receive all similar mails to the Primary tab. However, that does not help much the site admin’s who wish to solve this for all users.

Here is some general background about the issue which could be of use if we try to solve this in OJS:

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