Some Metadata Plugins for OJS are missing

When we upgraded from OJS to we notice that 2 Metadata Plugins were no longer available. The plugins not available are MODS 3.4 meta-data and OpenURL 1.0 meta-data. They are not available as an option in the Plugin gallery to install. Are these two plugins not compatible with OJS If they are still compatible is there a github page we can go to download them to install on the server? If not are there alternatives to these plugins?

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In all documents we can find it shows MODS 3.4 meta-data and OpenURL 1.0 meta-data as default, can anyone provide insight?

Hi @Rebel_Cummings-Sauls, @Stephen,

Thank you for your post. I don’t believe that these plugins are compatible / have been upgraded to be used with 3.3. If you find them on Github, I wouldn’t recommend installing them unless they’ve been tested and deemed compatible with 3.3. One way of doing this is by looking at the plugin gallery: plugin-gallery/plugins.xml at main · pkp/plugin-gallery · GitHub - and finding if there is a reference to the plugin having been tested with 3.3. In the case of these two plugins they aren’t even listed in the gallery, so I doubt that they are compatible/have been tested. I’m not sure exactly what happened with them, but I suspect that they might be third party plugins that were not kept updated. I’ll inquire with our developers to see if they know what may have happened with these.

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PKP Team

Hi @Rebel_Cummings-Sauls / @Stephen,

These plugins were in the OJS codebase as of a year ago but in a broken state, and we were not aware of their active use, so I removed them. Were you actively using these plugins?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello Alec,

Thanks for your reply. We host about 40 journals. Some of the journals have 100 or so authors submitting articles to the journals, so we are not sure how many if any are using the 2 Metadata plugins. The plugins are enable in our existing OJS We are in the process of upgrading to and that’s when we noticed the 2 metadata plugins were missing. We can try to contact each of the Journal Manager of each of the 40 journals to see how many use it if they would even know if that would be helpful for you.


Hi Stephen,

It’s very likely that the journals are not using these plugins. But you’d need to check with them to be sure.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team