Some links are not working


I have a problem with some PDF links not working, they used to work fine before.
Where can I fix this problem.

Example : Medical Simulation

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Hi @anass_ojs,

Can you please provide some further details about the problem that is occurring with the article PDFs? What version of OJS are you currently using? Did the problem begin after a software upgrade, and if so, what version were you using before the upgrade? Is this problem occurring in a particular issue of the journal, or across several issues? This additional information may help with identifying the problem with the PDFs.

One thing I notice is that the URL of the PDF you linked to is not displaying correctly. It should be, for example, http: // /article/view/25/377, while the one you sent shows /article/view//666

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Hi @kshuttle

Current version: (April 11, 2021 - 04:48 AM).
Old ojs version :

After upgrading the software some links were working and some were not.

But I found the problem in “Database” was that the "collation "and “type” were confused, and I changed it to the following form:
collation = utf8_unicode_ci
type : InnoDB

After this change all links are working.
But now I don’t know why it’s not working.

Yes this is a problem: Can I fix this in manually in “Database”?

If the answer is yes, in which “table” can I fix it.

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Anyone to help me please.

Hi @asmecher @jnugent

Help me please. :pray:

Hi @anass_ojs,

This is Article links broken after update to 3.3.0-4 · Issue #6872 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub, which has been fixed starting with OJS 3.3.0-5. I’d recommend updating to the latest release.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher

Ok, thank you very much.

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