[Solved] Uploading a galley without having reviews

Hey all! Are there ways to upload a galley (PDF) without submitting an article? I mean is it a good practice to upload a galley by submitting dummy text files (docx), accepting and skipping reviews, sending a dummy file to production and uploading an actual galley(PDF)?

p.s. The galley is already reviewed and is ready to be published.

You can use the Quick Submit Plugin for exactly that purpose. It’s way more handy than clicking through the entire process, and you dont spam your server with dummy files.

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Why would you like to adopt non-standard method of reviewing outside editorial system, which will always be suspicious.
Yes, you can upload using quick submit however, its suggested to follow standard practice and use proper reviewing workflow of ojs editorial system.

I’ll try this plugin. Thanks for the suggestion!

For instance when you want to import full PDF of backissues, or when you are starting to use OJS while the Editors are already working on a new issue and some articles have been reviewed prior to introducing the new system.

Yes, but this case seems different, in this question he wishes to upload galley and took review process outside editorial workflow (what I understood). Anyway, quick submit can always helpful for uploading such galleys.