[Solved] Subscription renewal reminders not sent out

Application Version - OJS 3.1.2

Hi PKP community,

We’re noticing an issue with subscription renewal reminders not being sent out, and are wondering if others have encountered this or what steps we could take for debugging this issue.

Subscription renewal reminder are set in the journal to be sent at 1 week/1 month before and after expiry. I also tried changing it to 2 weeks/2 months to see if that made a difference. I created a test individual subscription for myself and did not receive any reminder emails. The journal did the same and did not receive any notices.

We have cron jobs enabled for scheduled tasks - is there a specific job this is tied to that we could be missing? Is there anything else that might help us figure this one out?

Thanks all!

Hi @kaitlin!

I’ve replicated the problem locally and filed it here:


I’ll post a patch that should resolve the issue shortly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for the quick reply and fix @asmecher!