[SOLVED] Problems overriding templates of submission by using a child theme


I have OJS 3.1.1-4 installed. I want to make a custom child theme where the templates of the submission forms are changed. I tried to copy the lib/pkp/templates/submission/ folder to plugins/themes/<theme-name>/templates/submission/ and edit them there to remove some fields. I removed the last lines of the file templates/submission/submissionMetadataFormTitleFields.tpl to remove the abstract textbox. However, this did not change the form. If I made the same changes in lib/pkp/templates/submission/submissionMetadataFormTitleFields.tpl it works, but then the textbox is removed for all journals!

Copying lib/pkp/templates/common/userDetails.tpl to the theme folder and changing the it there works (to change the layout of the add-contributor form)!

Why does it not work to change the submission templates, while it works to change the userDetails template? Any ideas?


What do you think? Any ideas anyone?

Ok, I solved it myself! :smiley:

in /plugins/themes/<my_theme>/templates/submission/form/step3.tpl on row 27 I changed:

        {include file="core:submission/submissionMetadataFormTitleFields.tpl"}


        {include file="submission/submissionMetadataFormTitleFields.tpl"}

Then my customized submissionMetadataFormTitleFields.tpl file is loaded from the child theme instead the one from lib/pkp/... folder!