[Solved] OJS 3.1 Installation error : importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.grid.feature.GridFeature

Please check the site www.jmri.org.in

I am not able to install. I was able to install before, afterwhich I had to delete to retry again. Now I am getting this error Importing classes.core.Application Importing lib.pkp.classes.core.PKPApplication Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.listbuilder.ListbuilderHandler Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.grid.GridHandler Importing lib.pkp.classes.handler.PKPHandler Importing lib.pkp.classes.linkAction.LinkAction Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.grid.GridColumn Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.grid.GridBodyElement Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.grid.GridRow Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.grid.GridBodyElement Importing lib.pkp.classes.core.JSONMessage Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.listbuilder.ListbuilderGridRow Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.grid.GridRow Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.listbuilder.ListbuilderGridColumn Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.grid.GridColumn Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.listbuilder.MultilingualListbuilderGridColumn Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.listbuilder.ListbuilderGridColumn Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.grid.feature.OrderCategoryGridItemsFeature Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.grid.feature.OrderItemsFeature Importing lib.pkp.classes.controllers.grid.feature.GridFeature

When you get this error? Also can you put the error in appropriate tags (option upon making a post)?

I am getting these errors in the first step itself. I copied all the files again on server and as usual went on to the site. I got this error than instead of running setup. Hence, I am still using OJS 3.0.2. In case you want to see live, let me know and I will use the ojs 3.1 files, so that you can see it

Finally was able to update it without any major problem