[Solved] [OJS 3.1.2 ] Navigation Menu Items: Editing Path of Custom Page = Title deleted

Since we updated to OJS 3.1.2 we are having a problem with editing navigation menu items having a custom path.

When I edit the path of a “custom page” nav item entry the title of this item vanishes. The language of the journal and the primary locale doesn’t seem to matter (problem occurs in journals both with English and German language)

Here’s an example


When I edit the path to advance_access2 and click on “Save” I can’t see the title anymore in the Navigation Menu Items list


After clicking on “Edit” the title field is empty and I have to enter it again


Hi @bibliothekswelt,

It looks like this issue [Navigation Menu Item Edit - Custom NMIs lose title after submitting form with same title · Issue #4709 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub].

Would you like to check if that solves your issue?


Hi @Dimitris_Efstathiou
thanks for pointing to GitHub. I’ve changed the file PKPNavigationMenuItemsForm.inc.php according to this commit Merge pull request #4719 from defstat/i4709-custom-nmi-lose-title_sta… · pkp/pkp-lib@1002fdd · GitHub and it works now in OJS

Hi @bibliothekswelt,

Glad it fixed your problem.