[Solved] [OJS 3.1.2] Change theme for all journals

I have OJS 3.1.2 with more than 50 journals. I want to change default theme to defaultManuscript… But whatever I do, I can’t change def. theme. What is a proper way to change theme for all journals?

I can log in as journal manager for every journal, enable theme plugin and than select theme in site setup tab. But that is lot of work, we have more than 50 journals. Any faster way?

I want every journal to use manuscript theme, with some modifications

Hi @Dragoljub_Djordjevic,

If you want to change the theme for all newly-created journals, you can edit registry/journalSettings.xml and change the themePluginPath setting. Then for any newly-created journal, the theme will be what you specify. (This should correspond to the directory name in plugins/themes.)

For already-existing journals, the quickest way to batch-change the theme will be to edit the journal setting in the database. You can fetch the current settings like this:

SELECT * FROM journal_settings WHERE setting_name='themePluginPath';

Once you’ve edited the settings, make sure to flush your cache files. You can do this by running e.g.:

rm -f cache/*.php

Make sure you take a backup before altering details like this manually.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks, I’ll try tomorrow.

Done successfully, thanks again.