[SOLVED] [OJS 3.1.0_1] Registration confirmation page blank with oldGregg theme

Greetings dear all, (@asmecher, @ctgraham, @Vitaliy)

I am using OJS 3.1.0_1 and testing oldGregg theme. I have activated require_validation = On in config.inc.php.

Whenever a new user registers, it loads a blank page with the web-address as ..../user/registerUser. Registration is however successful and user gets a confirmation email. When I check this ..../user/register as a logged-in user, it gives me following screen.


There are no obvious errors in php error log file. When I add
echo "Importing " . $class . " \n"; */ to
function import($class) { in
includes/functions.inc.php, the following are the last few lines:

Importing lib.pkp.classes.mail.EmailTemplateDAO
Importing lib.pkp.classes.mail.EmailTemplate 
Importing lib.pkp.classes.site.SiteSettingsDAO 

@Vitaliy has filed an issue in Github https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues/3301

My questions are:

  1. Why do I get ..../user/registerUser page after registration? Is it due to activation of verification email?
  2. Why is ..../user/registerUser page blank while ...../user/register pages works properly.
  3. What should I do to resolve this problem?

Best regards,

I have fill in an issue for that:

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Issue solved after applying this patch: