[SOLVED] Long gap between journal sections

There is quite a long gap between journal sections in OJS3. In OJS2 there were no gap at all. Where can I narrow it?

Found it - the following change removes the gap:

--- plugins/themes/default/styles/objects/issue_toc.less.orig
+++ plugins/themes/default/styles/objects/issue_toc.less
@@ -99,7 +99,6 @@
 		.section {
 			position: relative;
 			margin: @triple -@double;
-			padding: @triple;
 			&:before {
 				content: '';

But the above change also removes padding to the left.
How do I remove gap between sections but preserve padding?

Hi @Nerijus_Baliunas

You can overwrite those by uploading custom CSS from the dashboard. padding generates space around element’s content from all of its sides, while padding-bottom and padding-top only under or above the element: CSS Padding

You may also want to revise margin property of elements there.

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Thank you, changing padding to padding-left helped.