[Solved] How to make link in the same page

Dear all,
I am using ojs 3.1.x.x

I want to make each heading in About the Journal page as link as in Ojs 2.x.x like this http://ejurnal.iainmataram.ac.id/index.php/ulumuna/about/editorialPolicies#focusAndScope

Here is my About the Journal page About the Journal | Beta: Jurnal Tadris Matematika
It is like this
About the Journal
Aims & Scope

In the headings in your main contents you can code each of those headings with id=“yourHeadingID”.
Then in the menu at the top you can link those heading using href. eg <a href="#yourHeadingID">Your Heading Text</a>.

I hope it works.

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Thanks a lot @anupent
It works