[SOLVED] Disable Editorial Team menu item

How to disable About->Editorial Team link (menu item) in OJS3? In OJS2 I deleted line “< li id=“editorialTeamLink”><a href=…” from templates/about/index.tpl. In OJS3, if I delete line “$templateMgr->display(‘frontend/pages/editorialTeam.tpl’);” from lib/pkp/pages/about/AboutContextHandler.inc.php, it makes Editorial Team an empty page, but does not remove menu item itself.

Deleting “< navigationMenuItem title=“about.editorialTeam” type=“NMI_TYPE_EDITORIAL_TEAM” />” from registry/navigationMenus.xml didn’t help neither.

Hi @Nerijus_Baliunas,

In OJS 3 there is a functionality that you can modify the menus: Settings-Website-Navigation menus.

Best regards, Primož

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Thanks (it is in Settings->Website)!

Thanks @Nerijus_Baliunas, I corrected it in my reply not to confuse enoye else :slight_smile:

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