[SOLVED] Default Sender Name doesn't recognize space in full name?

I have adjusted the email config like this:

; The display name to use with a DMARC compliant from header
; By default the DMARC compliant from will have an empty name but this can
; be changed by adding a text here.
; You can use ‘%n’ to insert the users name from the original from header
; and ‘%s’ to insert the localized sitename.
dmarc_compliant_from_displayname = AGENS-Editorial-Office

I want to Use Sender name as “AGENS Editorial Office”
But when I remove “-” only AGENS shows up in sent email and other text after it are excluded.

OJS 3.3.0-13

Please anyone provide me a solution.

Hi @Pankaj_Kumar,

Could you use this:

dmarc_compliant_from_displayname = "AGENS Editorial Office" ?

The quotation marks are required.

PKP Team

Great. It worked. Thanks.

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