Solution updating ojs 3.2.1-4 to ojs 3.3.0-7

Description of the problem or problem I have:

There was a major problem updating my journals from OJS 3.2.1-4 to OJS 3.3.0-7 and it took me several weeks to update successfully.

Steps I took before the problem:

1.- In all the Journals it was impossible to achieve an update to
to version 3.3.x (3.3.0, 3.3.0-3, 3.3.0-4,3.3.0-5,3.3.0-6, 3.3.0-7).
2.- I followed all the advice on the forum but could not find the solution. In all cases I was omitting to change my default database engine (MyISAM) to ENGINE = InnoDB. What I was doing was changing only the tables from MyISAM to InnoDB, however this was a big mistake .

What allowed to solve the problem:

1.- Changing default storage system to InnoDB fixed all the problems in my Journals updates.

If you have been able to update your system to OJS 3.2.1-4 do not touch the MyISAM tables of your database what you should do is change the default engine to InnoDB and then update to OJS 3.3.0 - 7, ¡the update will be successful!


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