Skipping the 2nd step of submission

I have had many requests about defining different file types while submitting an article and I came up with the idea to skip the 2nd step of submission and let the author upload all their files in the 4th step. This gives the opportunity to use $suppFile->getType() on different author and editor pages (with some modifications on the suppFile.tpl and other associated files of course)
Now, I’ve hidden file upload section on 2nd step and every one is happy, especially the journal’s editor! however, there is no need for the 2nd step page anymore and is redundant.

I tried to skip this page but nothing’s working. I thought changing by editing
$this->article->setSubmissionProgress($this->step + 1)
$this->article->setSubmissionProgress($this->step + 2)
would work, but didn`t.
Could you help me on this.


Hi @alirezaaa,

If you can pop your changes e.g. into I may be able to do a little debugging. However, more generally: what you’re describing is similar to what we’ve done for OJS 3.0. Submissions are now considered collections of files, rather than a single submission file and optional supplementary files. If you can wait for the release of OJS 3.0, it might be a nice incentive to upgrade.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you for your reply @asmecher,
I solved it by adding the following statement to the submit function of the submitHandler class
if($step == 2){ $step = 3; }
this bypasses the 2nd step.
it is not the best solution, but does the job.