Size of each journal


We have a collection of journals in our landing page. And I am wondering where I can find the size of each journal?

Also, I would like to deactivate a journal but still keep its content in our back end of OJS. Is this possible?


Hi @hovicto

Size, as in the size of the journal on disk? You can get some of that information by running a du -hs command on the sub directory of your files/journals/# directory where # corresponds to the journal id of the journal in question. It’ll be harder to get a database size since OJS uses the same database for all of your journals.

You can prevent a journal from appearing on the front index page of your installation by editing the journal in the Hosted Journals section of Site Administration and unchecking " Enable this journal to appear publicly on the site". That will not remove it.


Hi @jnugent,

Thank you for your reply. I will try the du -hs command.

For hiding the journal, I was able to uncheck “enable this journal to appear publicly on site”. But I noticed that if someone has the link saved in their bookmarks, they are still able to access the journal. Any idea on how to prevent that from happening without removing the journal completely?


Hey @hovicto

We’ve done it by using mod_rewrite and creating a Rewrite rule that looks for urls accessing the journal you want to hide and then redirecting them to your front page index. You could also do that with RedirectMatch. Something like this, in an .htaccess file:

RedirectMatch "^/index.php/journalPath" "http://some.other.url"

The drawback is of course this will also prevent access to the workflow by logged in editors, etc, but maybe that works in your case.


Hi @jnugent,

Thank you!