Site page for single journal installations in OJS 3?


in OJS 2 it is possible to have a page for the site (where all journals are listed) even if there is only one public journal. In OJS 3, there is an automatic redirect to the journal page in this case.

In the site settings of OJS 3, there still is the option “journal redirect”, however, in the case of only one public journal it does not work to set it to “no redirect”, it redirects nevertheless.

Is this a bug or done intentionally? Multi-journal installations that have just started out with the first journal might already need to have this site page to present general information about the site, not the journals itself. We currently have such an installation, so we would be interested to get this feature back in OJS 3.


Hello Carola,

I maintain a couple of installations which they have got several journals in one OJS installation and on front page there is list of those journals.

If you want something like that it is easily possible. If you need any help let me know.


Hi @carola

Yes, I think this was intentional and maybe @NateWr can tell better/more… :slight_smile:


I don’t know whether this is intended behaviour or not.

Hi all,

This is intended behavior – we wanted OJS to behave “nicely” for two kinds of installations:

  • Single-journal installs, for whom the site-wide index page was redundant
  • Multi-journal installs, where some kind of site-wide home makes sense.

This applies also to settings areas.

It sounds like you intend to launch more journals later – is it feasible to create a second one now, in order to get OJS to behave in a multi-journal fashion?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Dear @vvucic,

How did you manage to do this? I am very much interested in doing the same.

Would it then mean that users may register to all journals listed their at one go, or do they need to register for each journal?

Would the database of users be shared between journals?



Do you want several journals to put in your OJS?

You can register one user with several journals so they can login with same credentials to all journals the user is registered to.

Yes, all journals share the same database.

How do you add users to the new journals from the older journals?


Which version of OJS you use?