Site is down: 500 - Internal Server Error

Hi. My site is down and I do not what the issue is. Attached is the snapshot of the error 500. Here is my site URL:


Here is the version of my OJS:


Hi Reza,

Sorry for the delay.

A 500 error could be caused by multiple reasons.
The cPanel message suggest a couple of good ones:

  • Problems with the permissions.
  • Problems with your .htaccess.

You can try fixing any of them and see if the problem is fixed… or look into your log file and publish it here to discover what is happening exactly.

I suggest asking your housing company to discover how to set the right permissions, the .htaccess file or to check your log files, because the operation could be different in each hosting company and is not an OJS specific issue.

BTW, once you make it running I suggest you start thinking in upgrading to 3.x.
OJS 2.x branches are too old so you are not enjoying new great ojs 3.x features and old code always carry security issues.