Site admin link redirecting to user

Dear All

I have installed ojs and done all the hard work to remove the extra part from journal url like to

Now I cant access site Admin. Whenever I click it. it takes me to user.

Kindly help

Hi sohailkmu,

Did you tried to set the base_url settings in Specially the base_url[index] one. This should be the url that gives access to the site pages.


Dear beghelli,

Thanks alot for your response. Yes you are right. I have made changes in .
My base_url[index] is pointing to my journal website. eg. if abc is my journal and is my main website. I have made my base_url[index] as and base_url[abc] also as

even the link shows but when it is clicked it agian comes to the starting page i.e user home.
I have also made changes in .htaccess.

All other links are working properly but site admin cant be accessed.


If you want to still be able to access your site admin pages, you will have to comment that baser_url[index] setting. Base url for your context is the same, so it overrides your site admin and leads you to the journal context instead.


@sohailkmu, think of base_url[‘index’] as “the URL to the site admin index” rather than “my main website”. If you want to a single journal, with the journal at the site root instead of the OJS site root, this thread might be helpful: Please, How To Direct Single Journal To Web Root ( instead of ( - #2 by ctgraham

Thanks alot.

When I comment the base_url[index] then it gives me
404 Not Found
and the url which is shown in the borwser is

Did the above linked topic offer any help?

Sorry but did not offer any help. Even tried the way it was mentioned bur for no avail.

@sohailkmu, please be more specific about what configuration(s) you tried, and what the result was.

As you note above, I don’t think it will work with base_url[index] commented out. The instructions in Please, How To Direct Single Journal To Web Root ( instead of ( - #2 by ctgraham are not cut-and-paste ready, but should get you in the right direction. If they do not, please describe your process so we can better revise these general instructions.