Single OJS journal and website SSO using Shibboleth plugin?

I’m new to OJS (3.1.2-4) and Shibboleth and I am looking to integrate OJS into our site with single sign on and this seems to be the only up to date method to do this in OJS. We currently have no need for federated identity management with other organisations for this SSO. Only one home organisation is needed so no discovery service is required, just multiple service providers.

I’ve not found any documentation on the Shibboleth plugin and how it works with Shibboleth. I understand it works with a Shibboleth service provider installed on the web server. I can see the plugin overrides OJS user login meaning it’s either Shibboleth or OJS login. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Are there more steps on top of configuring OJS in the plugin form to get OJS to work with a service provider?

Would Shibboleth still be the solution you recommend for our situation? What about solutions like SimpleSAMLphp?

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