Simple questions about PKP?

I am a journal editor for last 7 years. And retired from the job recently. Right now, I(with 7 other PhDs) are thinking about starting our own journal, which will solely be related to ‘military tactics and strategies’. So for that, we are thinking about setting-up a website which will host our journal & database. For that we need a management system. As, all of us does not have experience with these things. So we are coming here to ask simple questions:-

  • How to setup the website, which will host our journals using PKP?
  • What is the pricing? And how publishers will upload to the system?
  • Is there any builtin plugin or software with PKP which will save time to check the plagiarism?
  • What should be the qualifications of the staff that will manage the website?
  • What are the hosting requirements? Given the fact, we call for papers 3 times in a year?
  • Please provide links to videos to setup the whole system?

Right now, we are in a planning and marketing phase(by going to universities and consulting with people on the field). We are referred by Colonel John Alire (Station Chief at and he has PhD with dissertation in ‘Future US Civil Wars Problems’.

Looking forward for your help,

Valeria Person PhD- Dissertation in ‘Human Psychology during Ambush Attacks’
Retired History Professor at Chicago State University
31 Publications in 19 Journals
Permanent Address: 199B N LaSalle St # 3100, Chicago, IL 60602, United States
Telephone #:1 312-899-4847

Hi @ValeriaPerson,

the answers to your questions are in the OJS Documentation see:
Best start with the OJS FAQ.
Here is a PDF Version of the User GUIDE.
In the PKP School you’ll find a number of video tutorials. Futheremore there are DEMO Instances where you can experiment with the system.

Hope this helps

Claudia Jürgen

It may also be worthwhile considering that PKP acts in two functions here:

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Thanks for your response, we are right now going through initial phase and considering initial options. We will contact, as soon as this is finished.

Thanks again for your time.