Sidebar blocks configuration at site level


I like to setup the sidebar blocks when I’m in site level, but I can’t find where I can do this (as I do in journal level in setup step 5).

This is the main/functional question… the workaround, although I think the real problem is a little bit more complex than this.

After migrating from 2.3 to 2.4 I noticed OJS makes a change of context that I’m not compleatly sure it’s a good idea.

In newer versions, when you click in “User Home” it drives you to site level when in former versions it keeps you in the journal level.

I think I understand the logic behind this change (users have multiple roles in multiple journals and could be nice to jump to other magazine) but from my experience, only a little part of my users work in different journals so this change of context (different theme, blocks, menu options…) generates confusion.

Although I’m still interested in the initial question, I encourage PKP to review this design decision.

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Sidebar blocks at the site level are only editable in the database. See Moving sidebar to right on OJS main/home pages - #6 by beghelli and

We have a local to deal with the change of context you describe. Change User Home link in navbar from journal "index" to current journal. · ulsdevteam/ojs@3280e47 · GitHub . See discussion here:

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Perfect answer Clinton. Thanks a lot.
I will patch my installation as suggested.

Sorry to arrive late to the discussion and please count me in the side of the people that finds this workflow odd. :wink: