Showing additional data in author account main page

I use OJS2. I want to modify author account main page (template/author/index.tpl). In fact I want to display some other information e.g. title of published papers by author - which already exist in other page: template/author/completed.tpl - but now I want them to be displayed directly in template/author/index.tpl.

My question is that how can I make such variable (titles of past published papers of completed.tpl accessible in index.tpl to be displayable there? In fact I want this code works in template/author/index.tpl:

{iterate from =submissions item=submission}

(PS. The above code now just works at completed.tpl and but does not work at index.tpl.)


I can’t walk you through modifications in detail, but the reason you can’t iterate through the $submissions variable in that template is that it needs to be assigned to the template from the handler class (this is the PHP code that sets up and calls the template).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team