Show Plugin Content as block in Index Journal

Hi to all
I finished writing indexing site plugin And now its only preview is in Front end is my problem (indexJournal.tpl)
My question is clearly this, How do I display the contents of a plugin as a block
Of course, with the condition of checking if the plugin is enabled for this publication?

I now display the contents inside the address in this way:
But I want to be a block on the homepage of the publication

thanks in advance

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Hi @mbabaei,

It sounds like you’ve written a generic plugin and you want it to also behave as if it contains a block plugin. You can do this by following the pattern used in e.g. the web feed plugin – have the Generic plugin also register a Block plugin, implemented alongside the Generic plugin (in its directory). A few other plugins do this as well.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team