Show ORCID iD in "Author index" and "Author Details" page

Is it possible to show the ORCID iD of an author on the “Author index” page or the “Author details” page? Authors in our journal platform have connected their ORCID iD via the ORCID plugin and the ORCID iDs are shown on the frontdoor, but we would also like to show them in the “Author index” and the “Author details” page.

Hi @bibliothekswelt,

Interesting… Could you maybe provide a screenshot pointing to where you would ideally like to show the ORCID iD?

PKP Team

Here are two mockups I’ve made from the author browsing and the author’s detail page showing the ORCID iD and the country name (see my feature request Country is shown on author's detail page only [] concerning the country name)



At the moment we didn’t include links to the author browsing at all in our journals becaus of duplicate author entries in the browsing and because the hit list in the author’s detail page is not very usability friendly (but that’s a different issue) and I don’t think it’s used a lot in the OJS community, but a new journal in out platform would like to make use of this feature.

Hi @bibliothekswelt,

Yes, as you’ve discovered this is not widely used. It is a holdover from OJS 2.x, that was never removed in OJS 3.x, but also hasn’t been officially supported. No decision has been made to remove it yet, but I don’t think it’s likely that this will be expanded on in the near future.

You should be able to accomplish this with a custom theme, though.

Dear @bibliothekswelt
please find the code for displaying the ORCID at medienpaed_hs/searchAuthorIndex.tpl at main · klausru/medienpaed_hs · GitHub and at medienpaed_hs/searchAuthorDetails.tpl at main · klausru/medienpaed_hs · GitHub
The working example is at Autor/innenverzeichnis durchblättern | MedienPädagogik: Zeitschrift für Theorie und Praxis der Medienbildung