Show option only when logged with administrator site

I everybody.

I want to show an option only to the site administrator. In ojs 2.4.x y get administrator site with
$templateMgr->assign(‘AdministradorMaster’, $roleDao->userHasRole(0, $user->getId(), ROLE_ID_SITE_ADMIN))
later y check variable $AdministradorMaster for show or hide option in template.

I need to do the same in OJS 3. but I don found tpl file for modify. please Can you tell me what is the tpl file that is usually part of this part so I can modify it?



I found the solution

File: controllers/grid/issues/ …> function : addAction → new linkAction

        $roleDao =& DAORegistry::getDAO('RoleDAO');
        $sessionManager = SessionManager::getManager();
        $session = $sessionManager->getUserSession();
        $user = $session->getUser();		
        $AdministradorMaster=$roleDao->userHasRole(0, $user->getId(), ROLE_ID_SITE_ADMIN);

		if ($issue->getDatePublished()) {
			if ($AdministradorMaster){
				new LinkAction(
					new RemoteActionConfirmationModal(
						$router->url($request, null, null, 'unpublishIssue', null, array('issueId' => $issueId)),