Shariff Plugin for OMP

Dear all,

to display social media buttons at each page we wrote a plugin for OMP based on the programm “shariff” by heise (german article).

“Shariff enables website users to share their favorite content without compromising their privacy” (see shariff)

The code and the description of the plugin can be found at github.

Have fun with the plugin and write me, if you find bugs or need more features (available options for shariff).



Hi all,

Excellent work, @lilients!

Once we’ve gotten our plugin gallery sorted out (this will be released with OMP 1.2), I’ll let you know how to submit it for inclusion.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

A new version of this plugin for both OJS and OMP is available at GitHub - ojsde/shariff: The Shariff plugin adds social media buttons to the website without compromising the privacy of website users, using Shariff ( solution..

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Thanks for your great plugin. I set it to sidebar but nothing shows up. When I set footer, it shows up.

You need to enable the new sidebar element under management/settings/website.

Thanks a lot.
I have this issue when click Whatsapp

One more,

Copy the folder to the top level of your installation, name it “shariff-backend” and make it writable.

For displaying numbers, copy to shariff folder in server or the web folder?

I would guess, that the whatsapp link is only working, if you are on your smartphone and have the app installed.
The shariff backend needs to be places at the root level of your OJS or OMP installation. I could’t test the backend yet - so if its not working, let me know. :wink:

Hi, Could you please share the codes for acceptance and receiving dates?

Thanks for your support,
I download shariff backend, when I unzip it, I could not find index.php file

Hi, any codes for acceptance and receiving dates?

Please see this thread

You need to download the latest release: Releases · heiseonline/shariff-backend-php · GitHub

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