Shariff Plug In - Faceshare Page showing not correct

Hi All,
I have integrate shariff and add this social media plug in but facebook share showing as per attached screen shot. Hope this is not correct format any one know the solution please help me.
Find the the screen shot

You probably now allowing users access the articles if they are not logged in?

This is why the facebook preview shows the login page. It gets redirected because it can not open the article page you would like it to open.

Okay But please check the screen shot Near Login Text its showing two panel . my client not accept this two panel how can i resolved this . Please Help this

By two panels do you mean the one that says “and Then” and the one that says “Login | Creative arts…”?

If so, then I think that is something that can not be changed from within the plugin. It is probably something that Facebook just shows that way.

Have any possible way to change the view in facebook share.Please help this if you know.

Sorry I do not know the Facebook API that well.

I believe the first panel there is meant for any image available on the site. Because no other image is available, it is using the journal logo image.

There are metatags that can be used to tell facebook which image to use there, namely og:image. Webmasters - Sharing - Documentation - Facebook for Developers

You could of course edit the article.tpl file and add some other better image there that you would like facebook to use.