Several issues with OJS 3

I’ve installed OJS 3 on a test server and I’ve got a couple of questions. The test server was a copy of our production server.

First, why do links galleys and other files display on the reader view and how to I prevent this.OJS-reader-view-issue

Second, OJS 3 only comes with the Default Theme. Is there some place to get more sample themes (and instructions for installing them)? Related to this, I assume a theme for OJS 2 is not going to work for OJS 3, correct?

the theme issue
download this
unpack an put on /plugins/themes/
then go to the page Setting → website

then go to plugins

and activate the bootstrap theme plugin

then go to appearance and select bootstrap 3 base theme instead default theme

save changes and pres f5 to reload the page then u will see all the bootstrap themes

after choose one save changes again and then go to the home page to see changes take effect.

this sample that i just show to you is a little different from the bootstrap 3 theme because I also have a css archive that I put together to alter some little things. u can do the same if u know the basic of css styles.

hope it helps

Hi @Richard,

I’m addressing your first question, which I understand is, why are files that were part of the submission process but should not be published for the reader appearing on the front end article page?

When you go to the submission record for these articles, under the Production tab, what do you see? Are there galley files there for the cover letter, etc.?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @falexandremc,

I have never used this Theme but look very similar (in your screenshot) to Manuscript (Default child theme), is not the same theme?

and other question, do you know others themes?


There are several Boostrap. Install Boostrap plugin and experiment.

i do not had understand you fist question.
which is this Manuscript (Default child theme)? is the default theme that came with OJS? or another external theme?

bootstrap 3 is the only theme that i know but i do not use it. because i use a css style that i fount on the internet that is awersome. os i just stop looking for another themes :confused:

if u want to use here it is.

this is Manuscript: GitHub - NateWr/defaultManuscript: A clean, simple OJS 3 theme with a boxed layout that mimics a paper document. and is very simple install this theme because you can install automatically in Gallery Plugins.

Maybe on your site you are using the manuscript theme! because look boxed and this is characteristic of this theme.

and is not the default theme but is based in the default theme… for that is call child theme

@t4x0n cool. thank you so much for this information. i did not know until now the origin of this theme. i just install him properly now and i will make the css changes tomorrow.
you are so cool.
can u help me with this issue? OJS 3.1 not sending any email [solved]

@falexandremc I am happy to help you with the theme info…

but I can’t help you with your email issue because I am using my server for send emails and this is basically automatic configuration

no problem. thank you.

@falexandremc @t4x0n @Richard
I have developed the theme on bootstrap 4 recently:
GitHub - Vitaliy-1/oldGregg: Theme for OJS 3 with Bootstrap 4

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yes! I saw it yesterday and is awesome! maybe you can add an option for two styles: wide and boxed, and of course some options for colors… but for the moment look very nice!