Setting Homepage Image in OJS

Hi i’m new to ojs software, i want to ask if it’s possible to set 2 image in homepage content and display it in block level. Thank you for your help

Yes. You can do this with a plugin called “custom blocks”.

Process would be:

  1. Upload your images somewhere in your sever (ie: to your public folder via ssh/ftp).
  2. Visit “custom blocks” plugin and create a new custom block (with html refering the uploaded images).
  3. Visit your enabled theme page and enable the new custom block.

If after this you don’t see the block, clear your cache (in client and server).

BTW, 2.4.8-3 is a very old version. For your piece of mind and to enjoy plenty of new features, please ugrade.

If you decide to upgrade, remember 2 things:
a) Is ESSENTIAL doing a backup (just in case upgrade fails).
b) You are not able to upgrade directly to last stable (3.3) you need to upgrade first to last 3.2 (aka. 3.2.1-4).