setCleanTitle - gone?

when we wrote the Fidus Writer plugin originally, we looked at other plugins and the main code to see how things were done and then tried to copy that and modify it to serve our needs. One disadvantage of doing it that way rather than looking at a documented API has been that sometimes we have some code which we don’t fully understand. And when some calls change or disappear, I’m not sure what to do as I generally also have forgotten where we found the original code.

One such example is the setCleanTitle function. We call it like this:

$submission->setTitle($title, $locale);
$submission->setCleanTitle($title, $locale);

I don’t remember what it once did, but it now seems to be gone. Can I just remove all instances of setCleanTitle or should I replace it with something else? I found no commit related to it not it being mentioned anywhere in the repo or this forum. But maybe there is somewhere else where I should be looking for guidance on such issues?

Hi @Johannes_Wilm,

This was in support of a function that provided an alphabetized list of articles by title; the “clean” title was the version of the title that was suitable for sorting. That feature has been removed. You can remove the call to setCleanTitle without losing any functionality.

As for where to go in general to learn more about these changes, we’re starting to publish a “release notebook” for every major release – for 3.2.0, for example, it’s available on However, this kind of specific change might be best asked on this forum, as the release notebook is unlikely to delve into that kind of detail.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team