Serial identificators in old issues BIBLID

I am entering old articles of one journal and they have had BIBLID identificators for articles. Is there any option where to put those identificators in metadata of submission?
Well, BIBLID can remain to stay in pdf file if necessary.


The natural place for a BIBLID in OJS would be a new public identifier plugin. Since this appears to be a withdrawn ISO standard, however, I question if it would be worth the effort of creating and maintaining such a plugin. Just leaving them in the PDF may be the best option.


Maybe it is not needed to get new plugin which would be a lot of work. I guess that finding proper place in metadata would be sufficient solution. I think that it might be good to reserve some space in metadata by adding optional filed ,since many people do have cases when they enter a lot of journals with previous issues and they do have some their own classifications, identification etc. So, that optional field which they can name as they like could be solution for all those historical methods used in bibliographical classifications etc.
Well, there is always option to leave them in pdf files.


Would the point of the BIBLID (or similar identifier) be for display only, or would this be exposed via Dublin Core, Highwire Press tags, citations, etc?

If for display only, leaving it as-is in the PDF seems to be the clearest option. If it needs to be exposed via metadata standards, this really should be the function of a plugin.

As far as I am concerned I can live with leaving BIBLID in pdf. But, if it is not problem exposing it via Dublin Core would be perfect.


If I were creating a plugin to handle this functionality, I would start with modifying a renamed copy of the URN PubId plugin, then strip out almost all of the code, leaving only the bit that supplies a custom identifier via the setting “Enter an individual URN suffix BIBLID for each published item. You’ll find an additional URN BIBLID input field on each item’s metadata page.”

But, I am not primarily developer. I am currently setting three OJS 3.0 installations for journals.
If you have time, please do it. If you do not have time I will leave it in pdf.