Sending Prepared Emails


We are using OJS, and we are only able to send specific predefined emails to the authors, where we can see the little email box in the GUI.


This kind of restricts us to automate email sending processes as we are using customized prepared emails as well.

Simply we would like to automize to send any of the prepared emails to the authors without copying and pasting the email template.

Is there any work/ plugins around to facilitate this problem?



Can you give a specific example of a email you would like to see automated?

From the screenshot given, it seems like the expected workflow would be:

  1. Editor records a decision on the submission
  2. If notification to the author is wanted, Editor clicks the “Notify Author” icon
  3. The email for is pre-populated automatically with the Accepted / Declined email template, as you have customized it
  4. The Editor makes any additional edits wanted and clicks “send”


For instance, after submission, before the review, we would like to send a notification email to inform the authors that the paper is in the review stage.
Another example is after the publication, we would like to notify the authors that their paper is published.



I’m not aware of any work on either of these cases in 2.4.x. In 3.x there is an existing ticket for Editors to notify Authors relating to publication:

If you are handy with PHP we can point you at where changes would be needed in 2.4.x if you wanted to develop this functionality.