Send confirmation email to "authors" on signup

In my current setup “authors” can simply signup without the need to confirm their email address.
How can I force a verification email to be sent to their emails with activation link? (so they cannot login/proceed with the submission without verifying their email)


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Hi @oah433,

There is a prepared email that is sent to users who sign up to a journal (not specifically to authors though - but users more broadly). It is the Journal Registration - USER_REGISTER - email: This email is sent to a newly registered user to welcome them to the system and provide them with a record of their username and password.

See here:

PKP Team

I was able to signup and submit an article without the need to confirm my email even after activating the signup emails from the templates.
However I saw the same problem in another post and the recommendation was to set:



let me try that and get back to you.