Selecting 'unable to do the review' brings up 'will do the review' response

We’re on version 2.4.5 - up to now have used the system very naively and are now exploring all the workflows. We’ve noticed a few problems / bugs with the first review step, the first two ‘merely’ a big nuisance, the third a bit of a showstopper.

We send an invitation out to a reviewer and they click on the access key.

  1. They’re prompted to log in. I thought the point of the access key was to give them access even if they haven’t been fully set up in the system yet. Am I wrong, or is there some configuration I need to check?

  2. Having logged in, they then click “Will do the review” or “Unable to do the review” - and they’re prompted to login again. This is just rude. :slightly_smiling:

  3. Having logged in a second time, regardless of which option they selected, they’re presented with the form email for “Will do the review”. If they notice this, and are savvy enough to hit cancel and go around in a circle and try again, then it’ll behave. But if instead they don’t read the form email before hitting send (and realistically that’ll be at least half of our users) their response is also recorded as “Will do the review”, regardless of what they actually clicked.

Is any of this happening for other users? Can anyone suggest a fix?

Hi @deborahfitchett,

That definitely sounds like an authentication bug. If you’re able to upgrade to the most recent release, I’d suggest doing that; it may correct the issue, and if not, I’ll be happy to help debug. Alternately, I’d suggest turning off the one-click reviewer access until you’re able to upgrade.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

Thanks very much, I’ve turned off the one-click reviewer access and that does fix/hide the issue for now. Will have to fit an upgrade into our schedule so not sure when, but will see if that helps too and let you know either way.